gefo Refaktometer 2600


  • Setting screw for adjusting to the 0-line (water line)
  • Focus adjusted by turning the eyepiece
  • Soft eye-flap on ocular
  • Stable metal housing
  • Rubber-coated handle
  • Jointed cover plate for optimum fluid distribution


  • For ethylene glycol (ethane diol)/water mixtures for cooling systems in cars, trucks, etc.
  • For propylene glycol (propane diol)/water mixtures in the cooling circuits of heating systems, solar systems
  • Density measurement of battery acid in car batteries
  • Determination of concentrations and characteristics of not standardized liquids, whose values are between 1.333 and 1.396 nD by means of a refractive index table.Examples: Anti-freeze agents for windscreen washer units, special anti-freeze agents, lubricating oils, oily emulsions ...


After cleaning the cover and prism carefully, place 1–2 drops of the test fluid on the prism. Close the flap to distribute the liquid. Look through the eyepiece against a light background and adjust the focus of the scale. Read the values off the blue /white separating line