gefo centra

The centra is the general-purpose workshop device that covers many application needs. For instance, depending on the type of battery by using various plugs, probes of different lengths and diameters can be used.
The densimeter is smoothly guided inside the cylinder by means of guide rails.

Usage Instruction Video

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Tube / Suction pipe

    length in mm Ø in mm
6300 Acid sulfur 52 5.2
6320 Acid sulfur 140 5.2
6322 Acid sulfur 130 3.1
6335 Acid sulfur 200 5.2
6342 Acid sulfur 210 3.1
6380 Caustic potash solution 52 5.2

The densimeters come factory set to an ambient temperature of 20 °C. If desired, they are optionally available as a special model for 25 °C.
Please feel free to contact us regarding your desires for the design of the scales and the packaging.